Phillip Adams Philadelphia Eagles Mural

In the fall of 2014, the Philadelphia Eagles, in collaboration with the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, set out to imagine a new mural for the building on Darien Street that rests directly across from Lincoln Financial Field.

The Eagles wanted a way to capture the incredible relationship that exists between the city of Philadelphia and its professional football team. The Darien Street mural – “Our City, Our Team” – is designed not to honor particular players or even historic moments, but what the Eagles mean to the city of Philadelphia and what the city and its people mean to the Eagles.

That connection is captured with images of Eagles players, the team’s passionate fans, the Philadelphia skyline and the building that ties everything together on fall Sundays – Lincoln Financial Field.

While the design was conceived by Eagles graphic designer Christine Dorn, working in partnership with muralists Phillip Adams and Jon Laidacker, a good portion of the actual painting was done by Eagles season ticket members. Eagles players, as well as staff members, also picked up a paintbrush for this special project which took place over the course of four community paint days in November of 2014.

Artists Adams and Laidacker and their team at Mural Arts made the project a reality over the winter and into the spring of 2015.

Application to the wall began in May when six mural-installation specialists began the task of affixing 688 five-by-five pieces of parachute cloth using a non-pigmented bonding agent, known as Nova Gel, to the wall. The parachute cloth serves as the perfect mural medium, as the five-by-five sections allow many people to paint on a project. Its sturdy material actually holds color better than brick or other building façade materials. 

After the initial wall application, artists from the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program put the finishing touches on the mural.

The 17,000 square-foot mural, which took more than 2,900 man hours and 386 gallons of paint to create, is the second-largest mural in the city of Philadelphia and the fifth-largest in the nation.

A dedication ceremony for the new Darien Street mural was held on July 23, 2015, giving fans plenty of time to enjoy it when the Eagles open Training Camp to kick off the 2015 NFL season.

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