L’Air du Temps

Commissioned by MU, 2012

Located at the Habitations Jeanne-Mance housing project (at the intersection of Rue Émery and Rue Sanguinet), the mural is the first in the series representing the four elements. This mural evokes the theme of air by playing with perspectives: the dominating sky causes the building to melt into its environment. The lower part of the work is an historical allusion to the neighbourhood’s architecture prior to the construction of the Jeanne-Mance Housing Complex, in 1958. A partnership with the Centre of Montreal History allowed the use of period photographs as inspiration to recreate the urban landscape of the past, in both a fictional and hyper-realistic fashion. The presence of the orange cones at the bottom of the mural contributes to identifying the site and its history at the heart of downtown Montreal, and an ode to the constant change. The mural was created while in creative residency at the Habitations Jeanne-Mance.

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