Au Fil de L’Eau

Commissioned by MU, 2013

Located at the Habitations Jeanne-Mance housing project (at the intersection of Ontario E. and L’Hotel de Ville), the mural is the second in the series representing the four elements. The mural is an ode to water, to the beauty of this natural resource, but also to its fragility. The dominance of water in the mural’s overall composition and the cityscape in the background both serve as a reminder that Montréal is an island, it is surrounded by water, and its fate is intimately linked to that of the majestic St-Lawrence River. Water is at the very heart of our lives, it is fundamental to life itself. The small origami boat floats delicately, carrying with it a message of awareness about the need for preservation and responsible water use. This mural was created while in creative residency at the Habitations Jeanne-Mance.

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