Street Artist Phillip Adams Paints a New Mural Celebrating Philadelphia’s Historic Breweries


Phillip Adams Philadelphia Industrial Brewery MuralAlways working to better the Philadelphia art scene, this week the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program will be dedicating artist Phillip Adams‘ latest piece. The work, entitled Industrious Light: Ortlieb’s Brewery, is the first in a series of murals by the artist celebrating the industrial brewing industry of Philadelphia. Already home to some great artdope graffiti, and the hilarity that is Frank Reynolds, the streets of Philly just got more awesome with this new project.

Adams’ mural series explores the historic sites where breweries once stood or still do and the long-term effects of the brewing industry on Philadelphia’s culture and architecture. The first piece overlooks the site of Ortlieb Brewery, which was demolished last year. It’s a large-scale depiction of the tools of the brewing trade. Adams plans to create his brewery-inspired murals in charcoal as an allusion to the “black and white perceptions of the past” and the “primary materials” of the booming industrial era.

Industrious Light: Ortlieb’s Brewery is part of a larger initiative by the Mural Arts Program in partnership with Hidden City Philadelphia and the Philadelphia History Truck. The on-going project, as described in the press release, will adorn the streets of Philadelphia with a “visual narrative of the city’s expansive history in brewing, textiles, tool-making, railroads and other key industries.”

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